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When decorating your home, several factors come into play. For example the functionality and aesthetics of the different rooms, as well as the physical dimensions of the space you want to wallpaper. 

Get inspired by our amazing room settings and learn about the different requirements that you should have in mind when choosing a wall mural for your home decor. May it be the kitchen, bedroom, living room, kids room, hallway, office or dining room – we help you create a refreshing, rejuvenating and vibrant living space with our selected wall murals for all various kind of rooms.

Interior design is an amazingly exciting and versatile topic. Sometimes it can even be a bit overwhelming to find out what you’re looking for. To make the choice of your perfect wall mural a fun, inspiring and easy experience for you, our interior experts have picked out expressive interior styles for you to choose your wall mural from. Which is your style? Graphic, vintage, industrial or personal? Select your favourite and find unique wall murals that match your style and personality!

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There are different ways to find your favourite wall mural. You can start by choosing a category or get inspired by our extraordinary wall mural collections. Why not browse our different colour styles – or choose your favourite wall mural for a special room in your home? To find a wall mural design that matches your personal interior style, click below and explore our collections.